Geneva Lectures #1: Preface and Introduction

One of best resources I’ve ever received that has helped me in the study of God’s Word is a series of lectures given by John Nelson Darby nearly 180 years ago! These lectures are entitled “The hopes of the Church of God”, and they deal with the big picture of God’s ways with men, His ultimate purpose, and our destiny and calling as the Church of God. These lectures were given at a bible conference of sorts in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1840. These have been called “the Geneva Lectures”.

The audio version of the Geneva lectures was produced by Bible Truth Publishers of Addison, Illinois, and they are used by permission for this podcast. These podcasts are for your use, and not for redistribution or sale. If you enjoy these lectures, you can purchase the full set from the website. Links to the audio, e-book, and paperback forms can be found below: