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2nd Q&A, Session #2, Michigan Camp 2018

Recording from Michigan Camp 2018.


  1. Per Luke 17:5-6, it seems as if faith is binary, that you either have it or not, and that it cannot be increased. Is this correct? If so, sometimes we reference a Christian or describe the OT saints in Hebrews 11 as having a lot of faith. How do these reconcile?
  2. On the Eternal Sonship of Christ:
    • What is the importance of the Eternal Sonship of Christ?
    • If the term is not found in scripture, what are some examples where the truth is clearly presented or inferred?
    • Is this a fundamental point of fellowship? If one does not believe it, is it right for us to have fellowship with him or her, and should they be received at the Lord’s Table?
  3. Is it okay to marry your second or third cousin?

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