4th Q&A, Session #4, Michigan Camp 2022

Recording from Michigan Camp 2022.


  1. What exactly is the role of a deacon? Are deacons appointed by the Church/local assembly?
  2. Why is the collection taken directly after passing the emblems? Is there a biblical basis for this besides 1 Corinthians 16:2? Does this not distract from the remembrance?
  3. I know the Bible says to pray. Other than obedience though, why do we pray if we’re just asking for God’s will to be done?
  4. What is covenant theology and why is it bad? It seems to be more and more common in the assembly, but in subtle flavors.
  5. Why is it that in the book of Matthew it doesn’t mention a man holding a pitcher of water when the disciples asked Jesus where to prepare the Passover?
  6. Jesus says that we should not tempt the Lord, so is it a sin to participate in activities such as riding dirt bikes, skydiving, car racing, etc.?

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