6th Q&A, Session #6, Michigan Camp 2021

Recording from Michigan Camp 2021.


  1. A statement was made today that men are not responsible for modesty. Isn’t it the husband (and father) who answers to God and has ultimate responsibility for what happens in his home? Prov. 30:19. As a woman, how can I know what is indecent to a man. Men think differently than women, and I as a woman need and appreciate my father’s input on modesty. While my mother was very important in helping me to be modest, sometimes my father’s opinion was critical because we don’t know how men think.
  2. I know that we must obey the authorities that God has set up to rule over us… but do we have to obey them if they are trying to make us do something that is against Scripture?
  3. As a young person, I find it hard to transfer a conversation that is not pleasing to the Lord into something positive. For me personally, conversations like this happen with those that are older than I, and I’m unsure also how I should end that conversation. Is it my place to tell someone who should be respected that the topic brought up doesn’t honor the Lord? Do I just change the subject? … And if I go this route, is this not speaking out for the Lord? 1 Tim 5:1; Phil. 4:8.
  4. Is it bad to love our life? Because we have it better than so many people in the world, so shouldn’t we love how good we have it? John 12:25 says, “He who loves his life shall lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” So are we supposed to hate our life?
  5. Does “unequally yoked” refer to more than just a believer and an unbeliever? Can it also mean a new believer with someone who has been studying the word for a long time?

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