5th Q&A, Session #5, Michigan Camp 2019

Recording from Michigan Camp 2019.

  1. Why did God allow Satan in the Garden knowing he would tempt us? Furthermore why would he put the tree in our grasp?
  2. Can you clarify the dangers of legalism? Are the following not examples of legalism? Frowning upon:
    • woman wearing pants
    • Not homeschooling
    • enjoying monetary wealth
    • Socializing with those not in assembly
  3. Why do girls wear head coverings in an address and Q&A when they are not assembly meetings? I understand the thought that we should be prayerful during meeting, but we’re told to pray without ceasing so that reason would bring you to wear one all the time.
  4. Can you please give a brief outline for the book of Revelation? How far through the prophecies there are we?
  5. I am ashamed of myself for this, but I have trouble sharing the gospel with others. I know that according to Romans 1:16, I should be ready and willing to share it. Do you have any suggestions?

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