1. A Certain Man of Whom We Read

D         D7     A       D
A certain man of whom we read,
    D7       G       D
Who lived in days of old,
       G      D        G        D
Though he was rich, he felt his need
   A                   D
Of something more than gold.


D                         A         D
Oh, yes, oh, yes, there’s something more,
          G         D
Something more than gold:
   G         D        G      D
To know your sins are all forgiven
   A                   D
Is something more than gold.


It happened on a certain day,
This little man was told
That Jesus soon would pass that way
With something more than gold.

He climbed a tree above the crowd,
So that he might behold
That blessed One with power to give
Him something more than gold.

The Savior came along the way
And saw him in the tree;
Then calling to him, Jesus said,
“I must abide with thee.”

So he obeyed, and soon he found
The half had not been told;
The blessing Jesus brought to him
Was better far than gold!