3. A Little Ship Was on the Sea

A little ship was on the sea,

It was a pretty sight;

It sailed along so pleasantly,

And all was calm and bright.

The sun was sinking in the west;

The shore was near at hand;

And those on board with hearts at rest

Thought soon to reach the land.

When lo! a storm began to rise;

The wind grew loud and strong;

It blew the clouds across the skies;

It blew the waves along.

And all but One were sore afraid

Of sinking in the deep;

His head was on a pillow laid,

And He was fast asleep.

“Master, we perish; Master, save!”

They cried; their Master heard:

He rose, rebuked the wind and wave,

And stilled them with a word.

He to the storm said, “Peace, be still!”

The raging billows cease;

The mighty winds obey His will,

And all are hushed in peace.

They greatly wondered—so may we,

And ask as well as they—

Who could this glorious Person be

Whom winds and seas obey?

O well we know it was the Lord,

The Savior and the Friend,

Whose care of those who trust His Word

Will never, never end.