1. A Little Talk With Jesus

From: YP Hymns

3/4 (different tune than music book)


A little talk with Jesus
       C                  G
How it smooths the rugged road,
How it seems to help me onward,
       A                D7
When I faint beneath my load!
When my heart is crushed with sorrow,
       C                   G
And my eyes with tears are dim,
         C                   G
There is nought can yield me comfort
       D7               G
Like a little talk with Him.


I cannot live without Him,
    C            G
Nor would I if I could;

He is my daily portion,
   A               D7
My med’cine and my food:
He’s altogether lovely,
     C               G
None can with Him compare —
    C               G
The chief among ten thousand,
    D7             G
The fairest of the fair.


So I’ll wait a little longer,
      C             G
Until His appointed time,

And I’ll glory in the knowledge
     A              D7
That such a hope is mine;
Then in my Father’s dwelling
      C             G
Where many mansions be,
       C                 G
I will sweetly talk with Jesus,
    D7                G
And He will talk with me.